I like the seaside

Ok so here it is… the first little film I managed to put together out of a trip to the seaside on a bit of a grey day! I’m absolutely loving my camera and having the freedom to mess around has been very inspiring for me. This is no masterpiece, but I think I am beginning to understand the way that the camera works. As I only have one small SD card, I have limited space and can only film for about 15 minutes, which has actually been quite a positive thing and I think it’s a really good discipline for me to learn. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and there will be many more to come!




New Camera!

I have finally managed to get everything I need (camera, lens, SD card) to make films on my own! Over the past few years I have made several films, but always through my study, or along side a friend as I have been too poor to buy my own camera, but now I have saved up and have my own camera! So watch this space, as I will have a lot more room to experiment and make new short films. It’s a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera and it’s lovely, I think we are going to be very happy together!

I thought it might be nice to make a showreel of the work that I have done up until now before I start sharing the  films I’m making on my own.  A lot of them are going to be shorts about my day trips outside of London, but I’m also working on a bigger project, which I am really excited about so I will be blogging and sharing as soon as I have made some headway with that!

So here’s my showreel…

I am also in the process of editing a little short about a quick trip to the beach on a not-so-sunny day so i’ll keep you posted!